The History of Mother's Day in America

Updated: Apr 26

Being a first generation Dominican American, there are many holidays I grew up following, one of those being Mother's Day. But I was curious as to how Mother's Day come about? And being fully aware of America's racist history against blacks, I wondered if Mother's Day included black women. I began looking around and here is short video that briefly explains the history of how Mother's Day was founded in America.

Anna Marie Jarvis, lived from May 1, 1864 to November 24, 1948. She was the creator of Mother's Day holiday in the United States. Jarvis created this day to honor her mother, who felt that mothers needed a day to be recognized for their contributions to society.

The ironic thing is that Jarvis's intentions were not to make it into the commercialized holiday it has become today. She did not profit as the creator of Mother's Day. It is reported that she tried to have Mother's Day rescinded but was unsuccessful. The sad part is that she died in a sanitarium while her medical bills were paid by those who did profit from the Mother's Day holiday, the floral and greeting card companies.

But realizing from watching this film that black women were not thought of when this holiday was created is disheartening. Black women & women of color have been repeatedly ignored, its the harsh reality of American History. This is why we need to have more of these conversations, we need to create more spaces for women of color because they truly have always been in the frontlines.

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