How to Move and Stay Sane

Whenever someone talks about moving, others immediately empathize because of all the stress that comes along with that process. Moving takes up so much of your mental, emotional and physical energy because of all the variables attached to it. Here is a countdown to organize your move.

2 Months -1 Month

Start Purging before Packing

If you sort out the items first it will make your packing and unpacking easier to do. Begin with the smaller items first and work your way towards the bigger ones. Sort out which items you will sell, donate or toss.

30 days

Schedule and Reserve Truck, Movers and Boxes

The peak time for moving is usually in the beginning of the month, since this is when most leases start. If possible, opt for the middle of the month to move, you can usually save money on movers and trucks. If that isn’t an option at least schedule them ahead of time.

2-3 weeks

Head to Attic, Garage, and/or Basement

Start packing up the items you want to keep from these spaces first. Reason being the items stored there are usually not used as much, so you won’t need to access them once they are packed up.

2 weeks

Label & Organize Boxes and/or Bags

Keep in mind the process of unloading. Write down the items or room on the boxes and/or bags so you can easily identify them. Remember to keep important documents in a bin or bag that can remain with you. Also, for light items that don’t break, use large garbage bags to help save space, preferably construction bags, which are difficult to break. To wrap items like dishes, use newspaper, its much more affordable.

1 week

Keep Cleaning Items in One Spot

Since most of your stuff will be packed up by now. Make sure to set aside the cleaning items you will need to clean out the place. Once you use them, decide whether you want to keep or toss them. Remember to bring your preferred cleaning supplies to use in your new space before moving everything in, so you can have a familiar scent.

Move-in day

Set up Your Bed/Sleeping Area First

After a long day of packing you will want a comfy space to rest. It's a great feeling to have your bed set up beforehand, so once you're ready, you can just crash. Next on the list, place your boxes/bags in the rooms they belong in. Even if you don’t get to open them, it will minimize the chaos. Continue unpacking at your own pace, and unpack one room at a time, to help ease your stress.

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