Quick Meditation Practice

Updated: Aug 27

Yes, you can meditate real quick!

When you think of meditating, your response may be "I don't have time for that" but the truth is you don't need a lot of time. For those beginning their meditation practice, all you need is at least 5 minutes to get a taste of it. A few minutes of getting centered can make a world of a difference in helping you achieve a sense of tranquility and control in your day. Over time, this will also help you develop a habit of meditating.

Try these simple tips to start your mini meditation session.

  • Set a Timer for 5 minutes & silence your phone.

  • Find a comfy space & sit down. Close your eyes.

  • Get into a calm state by focusing on your breath. Take a deep breath.

  • Count your breaths in and out to help you focus.

  • Focus on a sound or phrase to quite the internal chatter.

  • Repeat a mantra like "love", "I am enough", or "I have enough" or any phrase that you would like.

  • When your timer goes off, take a deep breath, wiggle fingers and toes, and take your time coming back.


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