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Topacio Marrero is a Dominican-American author residing in South Florida. Her writing focuses on a variety of topics with a constant theme of mindfulness. Topacio has been featured on Blavity, HuffPost, Center for Community Change, Medium, Vocal Media, and Urban Wellness Magazine. 

cultural identity


Afro-Dominicans Dismantling Anti-Blackness

Why I Didn't Identify As Black While Growing Up Latina

The Power of Embracing

My Natural Hair 

Why The Need To Enforce Guidelines To Protect Black Hair Is A Sad Reality

Social Justice

Why the 2020 Census

Should Matter to You

Becoming Civically Engaged

Floridians Must Come

Together in Voting 

50 years.jpg
Urban Vibes

Five Decades Since People of Color Were Given the Right to Vote

Black Broward 

Film Project

Raising Mental Health Awareness in the Hood



Florida Parents Distressed

About School Reopening

6 Ways To Make

Co-Parenting Work

Parenting While Being Present


6 Ways to Advocate

for Broward County Public Schools



5 Ways to Make

Mindful Moves

7 Simple Ways To Cope With Anxiety 

4 Benefits of Failure

Clocks on Shelf

Create a New Relationship with Stress

It Takes a Long Time to Grow Young


A Day in the Louvre

The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

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